Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i want

I want...

...for you to click on the button on the side bar and vote for Rett Syndrome to win $250,000 for research. Little Leah would certainly benefit from more Rett Syndrome research.

...a Polaroid camera. How fun would that be? go to Tahoe for an entire week. But I would need someone who would go hiking with me since I think it's a bad idea to go hiking alone with just a baby. go mountain biking. cheer on my friends at the See Jane Run half marathon this weekend. Think I can make it back in time for the primary party?

...a big yummy salad for lunch. With candied nuts. And grapes. And I want it right NOW. (It's only 11am.) Too bad I'm too lazy to walk to my car and drive to Plutos.

Okay. That was a nice break. Back to work.


mj said...

do i have to pick up the bib before the race? or can i do it the morning of? you'll make it back in time if you cheer on everyone but me. i would make you late. too slow.

and as for your #1 want today...THANKS!

Kerri said...

i could fulfill none of those...except I did put my vote in! Thanks for tellin me.

Dana said...

That polaroid camera is so cute! I would go hiking with you but I would be really slow, you probably would'nt like that:)

Ashley C. said...

I'll go to Tahoe for a week! Let's do it.