Tuesday, May 25, 2010

things i can't stand right now

1. When people use the word Calvary for cavalry. Calvary is the place where Christ was crucified. Cavalry refers to a group of soldiers (specifically ones on horseback). Get is straight, people. "Call in the calvary" makes no sense.

Oh, and Calgary is a city in Canada.

2. When people say they "could care less." If you could care less, then you actually care a little bit. The phrase is that you "couldn't care less." Meaning it's not possible for you to care any less. Couldn't.

3. This:

It really makes me anxious inside when I have no blogs to check and no new email to read. I think I have a problem.

4. Big chunks of chicken. This has grossed me out since I was pregnant with Graham. Nothing sounds worse than eating a big slab of chicken breast. It has to be well-masked in some sort of overpowering sauce. But if that's the case, I figure I might as well just leave the chicken out entirely.

5. Other people watching TV in my apartment when I don't want it on. I know--I'm terrible. But I like it quiet. I don't need background noise. For example, I spent 4 hours in the kitchen on Saturday evening (making dinner, making bread, making rolls, making sauces and roasting veggies for subsequent meals), and Richard watched movies back to back for the entire 4 hours (and then some--I went to bed). I thought my head was going to explode. Last night he was looking up movies on Netflix, and I flat out said no. No way. Not on my one night at home. Not 'til I'm asleep.

6. Long lists of things that people can't stand. Ha! But really, I think I need to follow up this post with a list of things I love.


Julianne said...

Number two on the list drives me crazy also. I know I should get over it.

LJ, DC and ML said...

Seriously, number 3 drives me nutty. Its sad. Thanks for saving me.

Ashley C. said...

I'm with you on the 'could care less' things. You know what else I can't stand? lol and omg. I cannot for the life of me ever bring myself to write those!

Molly said...

OMG, Ashley. I totally hate LOL, too! Although I think our family has something serious against acronyms/abbreviations. Like calling Nordstrom "Nordys." Can't stand it.

The Mostess said...

It's Kaari--the same person as the Mostess. We are one.

Can I add to the list:

People not knowing the difference between a stalker and a stocker. A stalker wants to follow and kill you, a stocker just wants to fill your local Safeway with canned goods.

That's all.

madichan said...

Jumping on the "could care less" train on this comment thread. Because I was an English major, I also get hung up on misused possessives (it's versus its drives me bananas), dangling participles, and the ever-present they're/there/their.

Clearly, the internet is not a safe place for me.

Amy Carter said...


i think i use 'could.' it flows much nicer than couldn't. and everyone still knows what it means. i think the phrase has evolved and is generally accepted in either form.

i also just said 'calvary' and 'cavalry' out loud at least ten times to try and hear the difference. now i'm just confused and will just make sure never to say either word again.

i actually think it's funny when people mix things up. it gives me a little chuckle. except it does bother me when people mess up you're/your and their/they're. so i guess i've got a little snootiness too.

Trinity said...

Mine is when people say "expecially!" No no! Its "especially". It takes everything I have not to correct them. I love your list. Thanks for sharing :) I'll call you soon. Just trying to catch up.