Monday, May 24, 2010

monday sentiments

Dear stretch of El Camino near Page Mill and California Ave,

You are the bain of my existence. Once my night job ends I will try to take the train more often in order to avoid you. I will not miss you.

Dear Lake Tahoe,

I will see you this weekend! But why, oh, why are you snowing? Not cool, Tahoe. Not cool at all.

Dear See Jane Run half marathon,

For the second year in a row, I paid your race fees but will not be running across your finish line. You're making a killing off of me!

Dear Graham,

You are the cutest thing in the world. Seriously.

Dear neighbors a few doors down,

You're totally drug dealers. Don't deny it. But perhaps you shouldn't spend so much time on your porch since it's obvious you're making plenty of money without ever going to a job. PS--It's ridiculous that your 4-year-old has such a potty mouth.

Dear Christian,

You look hot in your soccer uniform.

Dear bed,

It's just you and me until Christian gets home from his game. I think I'll live it up and sleep diagonally. You know--take up as much space as I can. Yeah, that sounds nice.


mj said...

what's this see jane business? i'm not running either. now i'm feeling a little less left out. :)

Kerri said...

i hear ya. and i love how you write.

whitney said...

why aren't you running molly?!!

p.s. you make me laugh.

Molly said...

Maren--I'm glad you're not running either!! We can feel left out together.

Whitney--After being back at both jobs I just couldn't cut it anymore. I was just too tired to get up early in the morning to run with you guys and there was no way I was running when I got home at 9pm. A tired Molly is a grumpy, mean Molly, so I decided running had to be put on hold until my schedule lightened up again. Sad, huh? I miss it.