Friday, April 23, 2010


Do you guys read cjane's blog? Have you been reading her birth story? I love reading birth stories, and hers has been quite entertaining so far. I haven't even finished reading the last part. I had to take a break to vent here first.

So her water broke. And she stayed home. And she stayed home. And she stayed home.

And every time she mentions how much longer she stayed home, I get all worked up inside about the fact that my hospital told me I had to come in 2 hours after my water broke! Seriously. It is making me soooo mad. I wanted to stay home! Grrrr. Double grrrrrrr.

Don't get me wrong, I thought Graham's birth was awesome. But I'm still a little (okay, a lot) annoyed that I went to the hospital so early. My doctor had told me I could stay home for 12 hours after my water broke, but when I checked in with the hospital, they said "no way" to the whole 12 hours thing. I know it was only because they wanted to know who would be filling their labor and delivery rooms that night.

Next time my water breaks, I'm going to wait hours and hours and hours before I even call the hospital.


Okay, heading back to finish reading her birth story.


Kerri said...

Grrr about other people and institutions trying to run your life with the "you-in-mind" motto, when really it's only for THEIR convenience. Birth stories really bring that out. I LOVE birth stories where the mom is getting exactly what she wants!

Ashley said...

I love CJane but my thoughts were the opposite--Oh my gosh it's been so long since the water broke! I am always overjoyed to get to the hospital. Get things going, get the epidural pumping, and get me that baby! To each her own!

LKC said...

I'm a big fan of cjane's, but I agree with Ashley. I was shocked she waited so long. Way to go for her having a natural child birth in a hot-tub if that's what floats her boat, but I could never have a home birth. Way too many bodily fluids involved that could potentially ruin my mattress or living room. I'm probably shallow, I know.

Amy Carter said...


i loved reading her story. So happy that in the end she got the birth she was hoping for.