Saturday, April 10, 2010

it takes a village

Or at least it takes all the neighborhood kids. Graham was quite popular during bath time yesterday. And I had a lot of helping hands. The 2-year-old kept rubbing water on Graham's face and he didn't even care. He's a sucker for attention.

And now a word from Budders himself:

]=/ zx
c fdddddhu kkkkkkh mmmmmh /mmmmmmmmmokl,mm mhjm htttt vbcv bmv y6h hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjum,m p


Chris said...

what an absolutely darling photo. Graham watched Max's every move on thurs. He could barely concentrate on his bottle.

Ella said...

That is such a cute pic and moment captured. I thought for certain you meant to upload a video at the end but now I'm realizing THAT is the word from Budders.

Kerri said...

who could blame them? Bethsheba bathed in her back yard, too, right?

Emma and Dan said...

I have been enjoying reading your blog for the last little bit. I wish we lived closer to each other. I wanted to comment on a bunch of posts at once.

First of all, I loved reading that you put together the match day letters. We'll be the ones to open them NEXT YEAR. Only 11 more months! We're at Wake Forest, not Stanford (of course), but still it was nice to hear that you love that part of your job.

How fun that you bathe Graham outside (and let the neighbors help)! He's such a cutie.

I also loved your post about the census and the pre and post letters. I could have written that post! I was saying all those same things to Dan about those letters!

I enjoyed your music post because it reminded me of some good groups and good times. Isn't it funny how music can take you back certain times and places?
I was surprised by how vividly I remember the record albums in your front room. Your parents do have some great ones.
About your musically sexist comment: I feel the same way. I describe my favorite type of music as "guys with guitars". I do like a couple of girl singers, but they are probably to Sarah McLachlan-y for you (Regina Spektor and Rachel Yamagata). :)

Wow, that is a seriously long comment. I just had to get caught up.

Amy W said...

Yeah! I found you! Love your blog... super cute family!

Dana said...

What a cute photo. I love that the neighborhood kids wanted to help.