Friday, April 23, 2010

budgeting for chocolate

Christian and I have been budgeting. We're using new software that has proven to be 1) easy, 2) addicting to play with, and 3) eye-opening. We have set ourselves budgets for everything from our rent to fast food (which is budgeted at $0 since that has to come out of our allowance).

I just got a call from Christian, who is at the store.

Christian: Okay, so I have a really dumb question for you.

Molly: Um, okay.

Christian: Do we have a budget for chocolate?

Only we would have a budget for chocolate. I swear that has been a staple in our house lately. Just ask the candy drawer. But no, we did not plan a budget for chocolate. Let's categorize that as "groceries." I mean, it is a staple and all.


Julianne said...

Of course chocolate is groceries. Are you kidding?!

Mer said...

Hey Molly. This is Baptiste. What budget software do you use? I can't find one that I like which means bad budgeting which means BAD!

Braden and Cheri said...

Yeah, share what software you're using please!

Molly said...

If you want to know the program, let me know and I'll email you. But I don't want crazy internet stalkers to know. Since my blog is so popular and all. :)