Friday, March 26, 2010


Richard swore off girls until after his mission. We knew it wouldn't last. That kid is a chick magnet.

He did pretty well for quite a while. Until a certain girl moved into town. Her name starts with an E. Suddenly her name was popping up all over the place. He tried to assure us he didn't have a crush on her. We knew better. We're not stupid.

Now we're going to dinner at her parents' house on Sunday. Um, awkward?

So tonight Richard says:

"After work I'm going to stop by E****'s house for a few minutes since I won't see her until Sunday."

Oh, the heartache of having to be away for 48 hours.

Oh, the heartache. I love it.


Julie Laughlin said...

oh, to be a teenager again!

LJ, DC and ML said...

Ha! I totally know who that is I bet. She mentioned she had been hanging out with Richard.

Ashley C. said...

Aww, you're like the totally embarassing mom, posting this fr everyone to see! Poor guy!