Sunday, March 7, 2010

tax returns

Having a baby is awesome: It makes tax returns doubly awesome.

Tax return season means:

1. Savings for Richard's mission.

2. Savings for ourselves.

3. Lake Tahoe Half Marathon registration fees for Molly!! I've been wanting to run it for years, but it's a little pricey. Looks like I need to make lots of trips to Loomis and Lake Tahoe over the summer to train in higher altitudes. Who wants to go to Tahoe??

4. Contact lenses for Christian! I think his glasses are sexy, but he would like to be able to see while snowboarding and playing soccer. Figures.

I love tax returns. What are you going to do with yours? (Assuming you are like us and are set up in such a way that you give the government too much money throughout the year so that they can earn interest off of it before giving it back...which I prefer since otherwise I'd spend it.)


Anonymous said...

We're JUST like you guys, some of the few who let the government take advantage, since we'd spend it too. Maya's going to finally get a bed, not just a pack-n-play. I get to go to CA for my lil bro's homecoming and Arthur can buy shoes!!

whitney said...

we already got ours and we bought a new imac with it! it should get here tomorrow or tuesday... we are slightly excited.

Julia Wade said...

dude, the second we got a mortgage we LOVED tax returns. beforehand, not so cool ... :) YAY for babies and tax returns!

Amy Carter said...

and having a second baby doubles it! woo-hoo.
although i'm thinking of finally increasing my allowances on my W4 so that i get less taken out each month.
hoping to save most of our return, but will likely use some of it to buy a new couch. a darker one that doesn't show the countless amounts of food and drink that diego has spilled on it.

Bonnie said...

We JUST found out that one of Jon's employers only withheld $80 from his paychecks... total. SUCK. We are going to be paying. But I love to imagine what I would do if I had money! A pedicure, a fun trip, laser hair removal...

Jeni said...

Taxes were a little nicer on us this year but not as much as we are hoping. Cross your fingers that we paint our house with our tax money!! Jared is not convinced, but this pregnant momma is!