Friday, March 5, 2010

so how are your goals going?

I went in to my Google Reader hoping to have some juicy posts to read and NOTHING. No new blog posts. (Granted, I did check it and read stuff earlier today, but it has been at least a few hours.) What's up with that, people?

So I'm saving the day and giving you all something to read, since I'm assuming your reader is experiencing a drought as well.

I thought we could check in with each other about how we're all doing with our 2010 goals. Mine weren't necessarily New Years Resolutions, but happened around that time. Remember when I said I was going to be more self-reliant? Well it is now March, so let's see how I'm doing.

Education: I was already fine on this, but I'll just take this opportunity to say that Christian graduates in 12 weeks!!!

Economic: My part-time working stint is soon coming to an end. Not only am I going back full time, but I'm going back full time and then some. I decided to keep my night-time teaching job. I love it and we really need the money. It only goes thru the beginning of June and I can tough it out until then. We have been ultra good with money lately and I'm quite proud of us. Economic self reliance is going well.

Spiritual: Not too shabby. I feel like I'm figuring things out in my calling at church. I've been reading my scriptures. We have been praying together more often. We even pray with Graham. He's not very good at folding his arms and surely doesn't close his eyes. But what can you do, huh?

Emergency Preparedness: Post about this coming soon! I'm making a plan... Until then, let's just say my cell phone battery is constantly dead, our gas tanks are constantly on empty, and we keep procrastinating taking our car in to get the battery terminal changed so it periodically stops working. Sooooo, in the event of an emergency, we will probably will be stuck at home with no transportation or communication. Hmmmm...

Social: Let me repeat--I am about to start working a full time job AND a part time job with a baby at home. Sorry, friends. I may not see you again until June.

Emotional: I got mad at Richard AND Christian last night over dirty dishes. It was 10:30pm. I should have been in bed. (In my defense, they should have done the dishes, and there were other issues brewing in my mind, but we won't talk about that.) Sooooo, perhaps I can work a little more on getting to bed early.

How about you? I know lots of you posted about things you're trying to work on. Time to 'fess up. How are things going?


Bonnie said...

Hey! Thanks for the motivation... my weight loss goals are going well, and my other goal was to start my piano lesson "business" - and that hasn't really progressed at all, except that we finished building a piano studio, so I guess it's a good start. I really need to get going on that!

Julia Wade said...

what i miss most about you ladies (so hard to pick one, really) is how motivational you all are. so i am going to thank you for motivating me clear from the west coast.

my goal for 2010 was to find balance. to slow down, to take time, to work hard and enjoy the process. i feel like after monday, i may be able to get back on that path.

thanks for the reminder that life comes in many different pieces ... and that each aspect (emotional, spiritual, economic,etc.) is really important in at of itself.

balance, like you said. :)

Sally Teeple said...

My comment isn't on the content of this post--it's on the punctuation. I love that you put an apostrophe on 'fess up! I don't think I've seen that very often, but I like it!