Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've been thinking about sleep a lot. Not necessarily that I need more (which I probably do), but about how it affects us. This was spurred by both our recent excursions in sleep training with Graham (worthy of a blog post of its own) as well as my goal to be more in control of my emotional well-being by getting enough sleep.

The Stanford School of Medicine has a medical blog called Scope that covers a wide range of medical research and interesting tidbits. The posts are short and sweet and make for good reading.

I'm currently reading the posts that deal with sleep studies. It's fascinating.

Did you know that "compared with adolescents who reported eight hours of shut-eye each night, those who managed five hours or less were 71% more likely to be depressed and 48% more likely to consider suicide."

Or that "when it comes to helping a child adjust to a new time zone...avoiding bright light two to three hours before the new bedtime is important - as is being exposed to bright light for at least 30 minutes prior to the new morning awake time" and that "the child should initially avoid naps during the day as much as possible...that building up a child's 'sleep debt' will help him or her adjust to the new schedule more readily."

Or that the sound most likely to wake a woman is a baby's cry, whereas the sound most likely to wake a man is a car alarm?

Take a look.

"Scope is written by a team of writers at Stanford University School of Medicine. We publish Scope to provide you with high quality, engaging coverage of scientific and medical developments around the world. Scope was recently named "Best New Medical Weblog" in Medgadget's 2009 Medical Weblog Awards."

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