Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pre- and post- census mailings

Isn't the government supposed to be finding ways to cut back spending? I got a good laugh out of the pre-census mailing. Not the census, but the letter we got telling us the census was coming.

Okay, okay. I understand that they want people to fill out the census and send it back. And I understand that it is much more expensive to send people door to door to the people who failed to fill out the census. So let's say the warning letter is saving them money in the long run. Deal. Send it out.

But a folded, stuffed, letter and envelope? If they really feel the need to warn us, then send a postcard. It's cheaper.

But then... THEN! Then came the post-census mailing telling us we should have gotten the census. Yes. Thank you for pointing out that I got the census.

Did no one think that that might be a good place to cut spending. That's a lot of paper, envelopes, ink, and manpower. We barely had time to fill out our census and stick it by the front door when the post-census letter came.

How about give it a week and then send out reminders to those who failed to return the census? And once again--postcards, people. Postcards!

I don't rant about government much, because it's not my forte and I don't believe in getting into debates about things I don't understand. But this? This I can complain about.


nicole said...

i thought the same thing - especially since the census is suppose to be AS OF APRIL 1st! btw one bonus of you working full time is more blog posts! i enjoy it.

Julianne said...

Just think of all the jobs they're creating :-).

Dyan said...

He he...I laughed too when I got the post census thing. I filled out the Census the day I got it and sent it back, but I still got the "reminder". Wasteful, wasteful.

Kerri said...

That was a census? I thought it was the ID bracelet application so the gov can keep tabs on each of us.

Murphy Mania said...

Devon and I had the EXACT same conversation. :)

Jenni said...

We got the pre and post census reminder/warning. But, they were postcards. Not letters. Weird.

Murphy Mania said...

Devon says: "But without all that extra mail volume how would the government justify all those sweet sweet union jobs at the post office?"