Monday, March 15, 2010


By this time tomorrow, I might have this piano. Might.

It's big. It's beautiful. It's heavy. I live in a second-floor apartment. With stairs. Stairs that turn. Twice. Stairs that seem to be floating in the air on a steel beam.

I called the piano movers and explained my stairs in detail. They seem to think it's no problem. I'm not so sure.

I keep looking at the stairs wondering if they will collapse under the weight. It scares me. Not even exaggerating. I even called and left a message with my manager to see if she knew the weight capacity of the stairs. I have yet to hear back from her. She probably choked on her lunch to hear that I was getting a piano. I assured her that I wouldn't play it during any times of the day that it might upset my ridiculously sound-sensitive, annoying, complaining, downstairs neighbor. Only I didn't exactly use those words. Just some effective voice inflection.

Please tell me it will be fine. Tell me they won't have any trouble getting it into my apartment.

Why am I so nervous? Maybe I'm just having a nervous breakdown over being back at work full time and it's manifesting itself in the shape of a piano. A big, beautiful piano. I'm so excited.

Tomorrow you will find out if I have a piano in my living room or one that's smashed all over the front of our apartment complex.


mj said...

i'm willing to bet professional piano movers have maneuvered much more difficult things than your two-turn stairs. they should be able to do it. it's thier job. :)

so glad you got it!!

LJ, DC and ML said...

Did I tell you i just got one too? Good luck with the movers, they can be pricey. I had David and brody move mine, but there were no stairs involved. Mine's getting painted stat.

Julie Laughlin said...

we moved the bradshaws piano down their stairs when they moved. the stairs were swaying and creaking. i was seriously scared that they were going to give out. but all the boys and the piano made it down safely. i'm sure yours will be the same - especially since you are having the pros do it!

Jenni said...

I'm gonna be honest. My first thought as I started reading this post was, "how will the downstairs neighbors handle this?" I hope everything turns out well.

Ashley C. said...

You can store it at my house if it doesn't fit! That way you can still keep it!

Bonnie said...

Hey! That's exciting news! I was amazed at the speed and agility of our movers... They treated our upright like a toy! Good luck with everything!

Amy Carter said...

your neighbor is really the one you should be worried about. good luck!
ps. post pics of your tahoe trip!