Friday, March 12, 2010

free photo shoot--entry deadline TODAY!

By sharing this I am decreasing my chances of winning, but I just can't keep quiet!

My friend (and talented photographer), Julia, is giving away a photo shoot! She will come to you anywhere in the continental US!

Go to her blog for details. All you have to do is send her an email with a photo of you and a quick blurb about what kind of photo shoot you're looking for. Easy as pie. (What does that mean, anyway?)

And I promise I'm not passing this info along just because I'm the first picture you see when you go to her web site. Really. That's not it. But since we're on the topic, it's a pretty cool picture, so you might as well go look at it. We're so photogenic.


Kerri said...

Hey! I did it! Thanks for the insider's tip!

Loved seeing the pics of you and Christian on her site! SOO good to see you, even reminscing on the baby bump...ahh, the times. Still have never seen a cuter pic idea than the BOY on your belly.

Anonymous said...

MOLS! nikki and i entered, for a "Sister-themed"photo shoot. miss you!

Rach said...

bless you molly! i totally entered...and only had like 30 minutes to spare (i think it said that it ended at 5pm Eastern time). thanks! can't wait!