Thursday, February 18, 2010

weeky bitch 'n' run

This is Ashley.

We're totally BFFs.

And we're sisters.

We like to get together and run. We are slow. I like it.

When we run, we vent. We complain. We get things out. That's what sisters are for, right?

Today Ashley called it our weekly "bitch 'n' run." Love it.

Can't wait until next week!


Julie Laughlin said...

i'm jealous. there isn't a day that goes by that i don't wish i lived by my sister! you're lucky girls!

Ashley C. said...

Uh, did you try to find the funkiest picture you could of me?!

Seriously, the only time I really enjoy running is when I get to do it with you! Ha, we must not be running fast enough if we can talk so much.

Chris said...

Fun for a mom to read. I love it that my kids are good friends.

Carbonneau said...

:) love it! Chris and I are training for a half marathon right now, we don't get to chat much because I am usually trying to catch him the whole time...Maybe I need to ditch him once a week for a girlfriend to talk to! love the post!

Ryan said...

Thanks a lot. Now I miss my sister.