Wednesday, February 17, 2010

valentine's weekend

It was good.

Graham and Christian did a little bit of sewing.

Ran 8 miles. Felt good. Have to thank my poor friends for enduring my ridiculous infatuation with hilly runs. I apologize to their hips, knees, and lungs. Thanks for running with me, ladies!

Skipped town to visit Ian and Kitty. Now that Christian works weekends, we have been sticking around home more. It was nice to get away.

Discovered that Graham no longer sleeps well away from home. Bleh. Looks like sticking around home is not such a bad option.

Made peanut-butter hearts with the nieces. Mmmmm. Chocolate.

Hung out with Graham and Sutton for a day. We napped. We watched TV. We read books. It was heavenly.

Christian joined the crew for a fun day of snowboarding.

I came home to find the cutest valentine ever in the mail! Thank you, Karen! You are the BEST!

And, perhaps the most exciting thing, Graham got his first card from Grandma and Panda! My mom sends the grandkids the cutest cards in the mail that always have balloons and stickers in them. Graham got balloons and stickers. He was pretty excited about it. (Okay, he was asleep. I was ecstatic.) Thank you, mom!!

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The Carters said...

we always feel super cool and special to get a shout out on Naturally Molly! Of course Graham wants to come here again just to prove you wrong about that whole sleeping thing! Promise to hook him up with his own suite.