Monday, February 1, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall

Three years ago I saw a Craigslist post for a free mirror. A free 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 foot mirror. Gigantasaurus Rex. So I thought, "Why not?"

I had grand plans of making an frame for it. Leaning it up against a wall in our living room. Pure awesomeness.

And somehow it ended up behind my brother's shed. He was going to help me make a frame since he had all the wood-cutting tools.

And then three years went by. Hmmmmm. Talk about an unfinished project.

The time came for them to move out of their little duplex, which meant the mirror needed to come out from behind the shed.

How do you move a mirror that big when you don't want to pay for a moving truck? Why, you strap it to the top of a Durango and drive really, really slowly. That's how.

And then you play with it in the living room for a while.

And then you lean it up against the only free wall space you can find.

And then you realize it now has a big scratch in the back.

And then you realize you don't want to make an expensive frame for a scratched mirror.

So one of these days you'll come up with an idea for a cool cheap frame idea that everyone is going to see and say, "That is so cool! Why didn't I think of that? You are so creative, Molly!"

You'll see.

Until then, here is some mirror art for you.

We call this one "Time To Clean Our Room."


Ashley said...

What, Tyler didn't rush to finish a home improvement project, what?!? Hopefully my long list of to-do's in the new place will get done in less than 3 years. Not counting on it though.

Are you and that other guy wearing the same grey and white shirt?

mj said...

we just salvaged a mirror that was sitting next to our dumpster. it does have a frame, but it needs new backing so the mirror part doesn't fall out. i'm in love. i wan to paint the frame so many different colors i just can't decide. i'll probably end up doing white, which i know i'll love, but it will be boring, blah, maren. ah, well. if you want to sneak a peak, it's sitting on our front porch. hahaha.

Amy Carter said...

how about making some sort of fabric frame?

Carbonneau said...

can you write on a mirror with dry erase like you can with glass? Home depot/Lowe's has some fun trim board that can easily be cut with simple hand saws...We just made a magnet board with sheet metal and sprayed it with chalk board paint and framed it with trim from Lowe's. super easy, and I can't wait to hang it up so the kids can hang their art and draw on it! good luck with your mirror!

Molly said...

Ashley--I didn't even notice that Nate and I had similar shirts!

Maren--I just saw your comment now. So cool! I will have to come see it.

Amy and Kati--Fabric...Chalkboard paint...The wheels in my head are turning...

(And yes--we write on our bathroom mirror with dry erase markers all the time. A mirror is just glass with a reflective coating on the back.)