Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Dear Christian,

Your wife was very lazy today. You let her sleep in, for which she is incredibly grateful. Then she went running, but she really didn't want to. You told her she should so she went. She was tired and ran quite slowly. Then she hung out at April's house and did nothing. Then she came home and showered (thank goodness, because she didn't want to). And she was so tired that she took a nap on the couch. Then she realized she was really REALLY hungry and ate anything and everything she could find in the kitchen (cereal, cupcake, apple, enchiladas, ice cream...). Then she went and hung out with Ashley, Charlie, Max, and her mom. Then she went and taught her ESL class. Then she came home and played with her baby. Sure, it might sound like she did a lot, BUT...

She didn't do any laundry. She didn't clean up the baby's room. She didn't hang up any of the clothes strewn all over the floor. She didn't put away the sewing machine. She didn't make dinner. She didn't make bread. She didn't go to Costco to get more baby wipes. And she didn't do any dishes.

She feels a little guilty that it was her day "at home" and she didn't do anything productive.

So she's making a public apology.

BUT she did put beans in a pot to soak so that you could make your super yummy chili tomorrow.

By the way, can you make your super yummy chili tomorrow?


Ashley C. said...

Ha, I think getting up and running automatically qualifies you as not lazy!

Braden and Cheri said...

If we were all to analyze our days by what we did NOT do, we'd all be failing. You got out of bed...well done! It doesn't matter what didn't get accomplished, just remember what did.