Monday, February 22, 2010

herbs for amy

This is Amy.

We're totally BFFs, too.

She's my sister, too.

Our babies are totally BFFs, too, but they just don't know it yet.

She lives little bit farther away, both of us work, and neither of us really likes to drive, so we don't see each other as much as we'd like.

So any time I get together with Ashley, I feel a little bit guilty that Amy isn't there.

Yesterday I crashed Ashley's seed-planting party. I was inspired by Madika's inspiring post showing the most beautiful herb table in the most beautifully open and sunny kitchen. Ahhh, to dream. So I planted myself lots of herbs to go in my not-so-beautiful-and-already-cluttered living room.

And I just couldn't help it--I planted herbs for Amy, too. Does she want or have room for an indoor herb garden? Who knows, but I'm planning to grow the little buggers into plants and give them to her anyway.


Ashley C. said...


Amy Carter said...

wow, my own blog post! i'm honored. you're so nice to want to be equal with ash/me. but don't worry, there's no need to feel guilty. you two are much closer after all. (ps. we must be really lazy, because we both think we live far from eachother, when it's really only a 45 minute drive!) :)

luv the pics you dug up from the past (except for my bangs!). and luca/graham will be bff's whether they like it or not. although i'm sure they'll like it.

and thanks for making the herbs for me!! i definitely want them. i promise to keep them alive this time. wish i had space to have a beautiful table of them like you posted the link too. perhaps i'll just let them take over my kitchen table.

Kerri said...

awesome post--go sisters!--You know you did the right thing to just plant them many times our brains try to talk us out of doing something good with excuses like that ("Will she even WANT it?") when really, you're giving the gift of "I was thinking of you and think you're great" more than "here's a bunch of yummy-smelling leaves." You know what I mean.

The Carters said...

ummm- i will take some herbs too! i have the perfect container! now i just have to wait for you to offer them.