Friday, February 19, 2010

having sufficient

My post below reminded me of my friends' blog. Yesterday, Ashley and I talked a lot about money troubles. We talked about managing our resources wisely, mistakes we make, and how we need to be better at it. We talked about looking for jobs and we talked about education. And about how sometimes it sucks having to be an adult.

Our friends Julianne and Jeremy write a blog called "Having Sufficient." I love it. They write about practical things: budgeting, looking for jobs, networking, being thrifty, yummy and practical recipes, education, unemployment, tips for writing resumes. It is real advice written by real people. (How do I know they're real people? I see them all the time.)

They are humble about their blog and don't really advertise that they have it. I think it's great, so I am advertising for them. Go check it out.

Their most recent post is "Who is Responsible for the Family Budget?" Does it get more practical than that?


Carbonneau said...

what a great blog! I added it to my list and already read a few, great posts!! maybe they'll start seeing a lot of readers from AZ! :) THANKS for sharing Molly!

The Winkelman's said...

Cool! I'll go check it out!