Friday, February 5, 2010

graham takes a tour at stanford

There are some very nice new buildings going up here at the medical school at Stanford. Cost a pretty penny, I'm sure. Quartz from South Africa for a conference room tabletop? Sheesh.

This was actually Graham's second tour of the new LKSC building, but the first time we toured it he was in my belly. He wasn't fully formed yet and neither was the building. Both are much more mature now. In fact, Graham fully enjoyed the tour. Looking at the lights, smiling at me, smelling saw dust and fresh paint, staring at the monkey printed on his sleeve. It was quite the event.

The building manager told me Graham was the youngest guest to tour the building. I doubt anyone on the construction crew is younger than him, so I'm going to say he is the youngest person to step foot (or stroller) in the building, period. Guest or not.

He feels special.

Check out the view. Lucky medical students. I could handle that view. Instead I stare at painting of the Irish countryside on the wall outside my cubicle. I guess that's good enough.

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Jenni said...

Oh, Stanford. I took a Sports Marketing class when I was in grad school. We had a guest lecturer who was talking about fund raising. He made the comment that Stanford has more money than God.