Sunday, January 10, 2010

Graham's baby blessing

What a wonderful day. After a somewhat hectic week of getting ready for Dianna's wedding (post coming as soon as I get pictures from Veronica's camera--mine was dead...), we topped it off with another day of family for Graham's baby blessing.

Our family and friends came and filled up multiple pews in the church. I love our family and it was special for me to see everyone sitting there together. Charlie announcing "I've been crying all morning!" as he got out of the car. Diego exclaiming "Charlie! Charlie!" the minute he saw Charlie walk into the chapel. Grandkids climbing all over Grandma Chris. Taitum recognizing Richard up on the stand blessing the sacrament. My dad goofing around while singing hymns. Kitty discovering that Sutton was wearing a pair of Quincee's underwear around her waist like a belt. Serious entertainment.

And of course, Christian had the wonderful opportunity to bless Graham. A baby blessing in our church is a special occasion when a priesthood holder gives a new baby a name and a blessing. When the child is blessed, his name is added to the official records of the church and he is given a blessing to prepare him for a happy and healthy life. It was special to see Christian blessing our baby surrounded by loved ones. I am grateful for them and for the gospel.

A special thanks to our family and friends who shared this day with us.

We love our little Graham and we're grateful to have him as a part of our family.


Bonnie said...

Oh what a fun day! You are the cutest little family ever. Can't wait to see you all!

Julia said...

what a special day for you and christian and the fam. again, seriously - you look amazing.

graham is getting cuter by the second!! :)

Ella said...

Can that family pic get any cuter?

madichan said...

That pictures with Christian and the other kids with phones is fantastic.

Congratulations; it sounds like it was an amazing day!

Ashley said...

Graham was perfect in his little outfit and Christian did a beautiful job on the blessing. I also thought it was cool how the whole family was there. Well done on the whole thing!

Ashley C. said...

Aww, it actually was a really fun day!

Dr. aafb said...

So sad we missed it! I wish we would have known. Oh well. Glad it was a good day. Btw, thank the guys for helping with the move on such a busy weekend! Are you guys coming to Drake's bday party?