Monday, January 4, 2010

cloth diapers: #2

Let's talk about the types of pocket diapers we're using right now. Everyone has their own favorite type, so I'm not saying you should use one kind or the other. You just have to try things to figure out what you like. Keep in mind these diapers do come in fitted sizes, but we opted to try the one-size versions (snaps smaller and larger to grow with your baby) so that we would only have to invest in one set.

BumJoy (can be purchased through Etsy; we have 6 of these)

I mentioned in the past that we liked the BumJoy diapers best since they fit Graham even from the time he was tiny. The BumJoy inserts are a bit slimmer, so they aren't as bulky. Unfortunately we've found that the BumJoys have been leaking around the legs. Not out the leg openings, but literally leaking through the waterproof outer layer. My only explanation for this is that perhaps the pee is pooling to the sides of the insert since it is so narrow and then leaking through. I'm not sure. I need to email the person who makes them and find out if this is a common problem. Or I'll stuff them with a thicket insert by a different brand and see if that fixes the problem. In my opinion, the outer "waterproof" layer should not leak through. So BumJoy is no longer on the top of my list. Except that they are ADORABLE.

FuzziBunz (we have 4)

I know people who LOVE FuzziBunz diapers. I like them, but I'm not in love with them. They are still quite bulky on him. We like to put them on him at night with a doubler (a second absorbent insert) so that we don't have to change him in the middle of the night. They are good for that. But we have to be sure he has a onesie on so that the diaper is held up. He is such a wiggler that he wiggles his little bum right out of them while he's sleeping. I think we'll like these even more when he gets bigger and they don't seem quite so big. Overall they work well.

BumGenius (we have 7)

These are my latest favorites. We just bought 6 more. They aren't too bulky now, and I think I like the velcro tabs in the front a little better than the snaps. I often worry if a snaps setting is too tight or too loose. With the velcro you don't have to pick between already-spaced snaps. You just velcro however tight you want it. (I have heard that the velcro stops gripping after a gazillion uses, so we'll see if that's a problem.) Plus the colors are super cute.

Wahmies (we have 1)

These work just fine. Nothing special. They seem to be fitting better now that he's a bit bigger. Not a big fan of the washed-out pastel colors, but it doesn't really matter when they're under clothes. I have the ones with snaps, but I'd like to try the ones with hooks. And perhaps a non-pastel color.

HappyHeiny (we have 1)

These work just fine. They come in cool colors, but most were sold out and we ended up with a pastel. Bleh. I'd like to try more of these. I also noticed they come with velcro closures, so perhaps I'd like those better than the snap closures.

RockyMountain (we have 1)

We've had problems with these leaking through the waterproof outer layer. Not sure if I did something during the washing process to damage the fabric, but I use them as a last resort now. Perhaps I should find out why it's happening. They also have some super cute color combinations.

So there you have it. A quick run down of the types of one-size pocket diapers we have been using. Next I'll talk about stripping them. It's annoying but a necessary evil. That's what I'll be doing today, because they stink of pee, and Graham says No to stinking of pee.

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