Thursday, December 3, 2009

top 10 words of 2009

Did you know that people track the top words/phrases/names used in each year? Of course you did. I'm the one who finds out about these things long after everyone else. I need to pay more attention, or perhaps I need to watch more TV, which is where I found out about this.

It really is fascinating.

Top Words of 2009

1. Twitter (Funny, since I stopped using Twitter this year.)
2. Obama (Of course. Does he Tweet?)
3. H1N1 (Lucky for the Pork industry this isn't "swine.")
4. Stimulus (Was that this year?)
5. Vampire (Gag me with a spoon.)
6. 2.0 (Technically this is 3 words, people. Molly 2.0--new and improved)
7. Deficit (Booooring.)
8. Hadron (Huh? Did I miss something important this year? Do I look stupid by admitting this?)
9. Healthcare (Vampire beat this???)
10. Transparency (Huh. This will likely make the top 10 of 2010.)
And the list goes on...

Top Phrases

1. King of Pop (RIP, MJ. You may have beat Bobama here, but he beat you in the top names...)
2. Obama-mania (I heard this way more in 2008.)
3. Climate change (Not global warming?)
4. Swine Flu (There's the swine!)
5. Too large to fall (Huh? Never heard this. How about "housing bubble" or something? How is that not in the top 5?)
And the list goes on...

Top names and past years can all be found on the Global Language Monitor site. Fascinating. I could spend hours on that site.

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Amy Carter said...

i can't stand the word transparency! it was definitely a top used word. everyone in politics uses it too much, and everyone at my work uses it to try and make themselves sound smarter.