Monday, December 7, 2009

thanksgiving weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving.

Here we are preparing dinner in our kitchen. I was doing yams on the stove, Richard was peeling potatoes on the counter, and Christian was preparing our little turkey in the sink.

We had a great dinner at Christian's parents' house (yummy!) and got to compare Graham to a picture of Grandma Paula when she was a baby.

Then I went down to Hollister for a couple days while Christian worked.

Amy, Ashley, Mom, and I walked our 2008 5k route.

We took some pictures with Luca and Diego.

And of course we had to get one with Grandma Carter and the baby boys.


Julia said...

your turkey is too stinkin' cute. :)

Ashley said...

Those two little cousins are so cute together! And the turkey picture is priceless.

Tamra said...

Love the turkey pic. We have friends who put their kid in a frying pan for a shot. Once Graham can sit by himself, I suggest you add that one to the "cook the baby" pictures. SUPER cute. I wish I had thought of that kind of stuff when my babies were little.

Also, Graham looks a lot like Grandma! I'm glad you have the picture to prove it--I always hated it when people said, "Oh, he looks just like Uncle X" and had no proof for it. Everyone always thinks babies look like EVERYone who's related.