Sunday, December 27, 2009

i'd love you forever

It's about time Christian found a full time job (you know, one with benefits where you don't spend all your money on the merchandise you're supposed to be selling). So we talked about setting a goal for the number of applications he needed to send out per week.

Tonight he sat down with Graham and started looking. {Graham is a big help.}

First up? Full time position with Coca Cola in Fortaleza, Brazil. Awesome.

Molly: "If you got a position with Coca Cola in Fortaleza, I would love you forever."

You know, as if I wouldn't otherwise.

{I think my mom would stand in front of the airplane in order to keep us from moving to another country...}


Shayla Taylor said...

I'm a fan! I have been trying to get Quinn to quit his job so we can go to Brazil and open a sorveteria and an orphanage. Maybe we will see you down there some day. :)

Carbonneau said...

I thought the idea was to look for a job for I love how it turned into a job for you! I always thought it would be nice to go out of country for work, just for a little while, but it gets harder to think of every year!

Chris said...

You are sooo right about me standing in front of the airplane!!! The other part about a job with benefits? no problem there. Wait, not Alabama either:)

Bonnie said...

I would help your mom stop the plane... that's too far away! And I'm just about to plan a trip out there so our little ones can hang out!! Just wait until after March to move there, okay?

Jenni said...

Think about how many visitors you would get! We would come for sure!