Tuesday, December 15, 2009

all i want for christmas

All I want for Christmas is for my body to be normal again. Enough with the blasted itching!!

But since that isn't happening any time soon, I've come up with some other things. This isn't my real Christmas list. Just things I felt like putting on my blog.

These boots.

Yes, they are labeled "wide calf." I have wide calves. Even when I'm at my skinniest, my calves measure just over 15 inches around. They could beat you up. Go measure yours. You'll be surprised at how normal your calves are.

Standard knee-length boots say they measure 15 inches around, and I can never zip them up. Have you every tried to squish calf muscle/fat into a boot? It's called calf muffin top. Not pretty.

I've never purchased a pair of wide-calf boots. These boast a 17-inch calf. That means I could actually wear them over jeans. Oh wait, didn't I used to make fun of that ridiculous style? Whatever. I'm giving in. But you won't ever catch me wearing boots with fur over jeans. No siree.

These boots fit my criteria, too. I know that the current style is slouchy or pointy or or riding boot or ugly-victorian-style-ankle-boots (Now you know the truth--I don't like those). But these are pretty much what I have been looking for for a long, long time. Minus the little bit of wedge heel, but what can you do?

Will I get them? Probably not. $160 is a bit over my price range right now. May sound like pocket change to those of you who do a lot of shopping, but we just don't spend a lot on clothes. We'll see.

This frame from Pottery Barn Kids.

Did you know that I had never been in a Pottery Barn Kids before last night? I guess I never had a reason to. And I will probably never go there again. I can't stand looking at ridiculously cute stuff that's out of my price range. Dangerous. Dangerous. But the frame is adorable. So plain and simple. Graham, I might just have to get this for you...

Speaking of Baby G, has it been a while since I've posted a picture of him? Well here you go. A couple shots I took on my phone this morning.

{Yes, this took me more then a half hour to write. Christian isn't here to slap my hand...}


mj said...

i have all of your solutions. well, not for the itching...but...

boots. i also have big calves. you have no idea how many times i've pinched my calf skin trying to zip up boots. it's not pretty. but i just got some $30 boots from old navy that are pretty similar to the ones you posted (they do have a buckle) and my leg fits in them!!! i've never measured, so i'm not sure how big they are exactly, but i know my leg fits.

frame: i also loved that frame. i had also never been into a pb kids until leah was born. and i also will not be going back. it just makes me covet. but i found a frame like that at michaels in june...it was for graduation. they don't have it all the time, but i bet it will come back. $9.99.

okay, i'm done.

Ashley said...

Never been in a PBK?!? Insanity. The trick is to be in there enough that you can snag the cute clearance stuff.

Cute boots! Laughing at calf muffin top. Real muffin top = not so funny.

Julia said...

super cute boots!! i just ordered these for me and they have wide calves too!! http://www.shoes.com/Shopping/productdetails.aspx?catalog_name=web&pg=5105638&p=EC1176862&CMP=OTC-GoogleBase&partnerid=GoogleBase&cpc=GoogleBase&=campaign=Rocket+Dog&category=W&cpckw=Rocket+Dog+Womens+Tripout+Boot+(Whiskey+Stormy)&CAWELAID=394035783

your little boy is getting cuter by the minute!! sorry about the itching .... :(

Amy Carter said...

he's smiling! so cute. can't wait to see him again next week!

Jenni said...

Graham is adorable. And here's what I say about the boots. $160 is a lot for shoes. But, if they're everything you've been looking for and you've been looking for a long, long time, it might be worth it. I don't like to spend a lot on clothes either, but sometimes I find something that is expensive, but that I have fallen in love with and I know I will never regret spending that much on it in a million years. So I buy it. No regrets. And, for the record, I have also never been in a Pottery Barn Kids.

madichan said...

I haven't measured my calves, but I also have trouble with knee highs zipping up around them. It usually takes me about 10-15 tries to find boots that fit, and I groan inside when I have to replace a pair.

Embrace the jeans tucked into boots, girl. I tried to resist, just like I tried to resist short dresses over jeans. Both things I saw Japanese girls wear in 2002. I should just know how to trust their ahead-of-their-time style.