Thursday, November 19, 2009

son of an itch!

I itch soooo bad. It started with my belly. Is it the stretch marks? Then spread to my boobies. Irritation from breastfeeding? So I went to the doctor. He pretty much said, "It could be lots of things. Doesn't look serious. Use these topical creams. Give us a call if it doesn't get better in a couple weeks."

Weeks?? Weeks?! I can't wait weeks!!

So I went home and decided to tough it out. What's a little bit of itching, huh?

Within 3 days it has spread to my arms and legs. I'm going crazy.

After looking it up online, it looks like lots of women have unexplained itchy skin after having a baby. None of them really got answers from their doctors either.

I'm seriously going crazy. Anyone have any advice for me?


Veronica Cleverly said...

Yes, buy Cetaphil or CeraVee (I like Cetaphil better). Savannah's dermatologist recommended it. It is amazing and I will never go back to any other kind of cream for me or my kid(s)

Veronica Cleverly said...
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Rach said...

I am itching just thinking about it!
I totally remember that same feeling. Mine was just around my stomach..but it did go away quickly and seemed to not be as severe as the days passed.
I have some cetaphil if you want to use it! (I didn't like it just because it actually made it harder to scratch...and I HAVE to scratch or I will go insane!) So I just scratched those itches away! (Is that a primary, it is smile that frown away!)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Veronica, Cetaphil helped me too. It might have to do with the stretching your skin (everywhere unfortunately) did during pregnancy. The smell's not that great, but it works.

brooklyn said...

that sounds miserable! if you are into ayurvedic healing--it's common for women to have to much vata after childbirth. don't eat any garlic, onion, chili or other "hot" foods. asafoetida (pronounced as-fi-TI-da) can be used to balance it out.

hope you feel better soon!!!