Friday, November 20, 2009

discrepancy clothing

I was going to introduce you all to Discrepancy Clothing a month ago, but then this little baby named Graham kind of distracted us and I completely forgot. But he's old news now so I can get back to what I was talking about. (I didn't mean it, Graham! You're still new and exciting!)

Back in 2002, our friend Josh Denney started Discrepancy Clothing Company. Last year Christian joined him and they reignited the company. They came up with some new shirt designs, stocked up on more hats, and got things going again. This month they'll be adding sweatshirts to the mix. The shirts are printed on American Apparel so they are soft, comfy, high quality, and made in the USA.

Check out the web site here.

Check out our friend Jona rockin' my favorite shirt here.

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Check out Christian rockin' a little Discrepancy for the ladies:

Even Baby G represents:

Can't figure out what to get your brother/husband/boyfriend for Christmas? Well now you know...

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Julia said...

Honestly, this is NOT a paid endorsement here. Honestly.

Jona LOVES LOVES LOVES his shirts. They are comfy, super cute (um, handsome, um tough, um any other cool guy word) and he cannot take them off. He's sporting his red and white Discrepancy today and he's simply can't get enough. :) We're fans.