Saturday, November 14, 2009


Since the mentioning of breasfeeding was so popular in my last post, I'll post my top 10 reasons to breastfeed your baby.

{PS--Thanks for all the advice. Things actually started getting a lot better that day and it's not so bad now. I guess the 3-week mark was the turning point for me.}

Top 10 reasons to breastfeed your baby

10. It's a way for your baby to prove that he's in charge: he'll stay awake when you want him to sleep, and he'll sleep when you are trying to feed him.

9. It guarantees the kid will bond with and want you even though your husband is the kid magnet of the family.

8. Because nothing makes you feel more attractive than wearing pads on your boobs.

7. So you can have the TV and laptop all to yourself in the middle of the night.

6. It's just a complicated way to get the kid to sit still so you can cut his fingernails.

5. You always wanted to know what it feels like to clamp lobsters onto your nipples.

4. Everyone needs a way to make guests feel awkward.

3. So you'll have more money to spend at Target.

2. It's the perfect time to challenge someone to a weight loss competition.

1. So you can finally fill your over-the-shoulder boulder holders.

'Nuff said.


Ashley C. said...

Ha, great list. Especially #4 (and #1)!

LJ and DC said...

Geez, so true. Glad you turned the corner!! We turned it but somehow we keep reverting. Many days the only motivation to keep trying is the scale. :) Boy do I Love the scale these days!

Ashley said...

I love the list. I would add

11) so you can avoid going anywhere or doing anything that takes more than an hour and a half, and

12) so you can eventually be the proud owner of a pair of skinny boobs that hang to your waist.

Julia said...

ha!!! awesome list, molly. :)

Kerri said...

That's an AWESOME post!!!, and AMEN Ashley #12!

Braden and Cheri said...

true dat.

amandanbo said...

loves it! thanks for the laugh!

Ella said...

I'm not sure it was the breastfeeding that was so popular or the fact that it was your first display of weakness. You know how bloggers like to rally behind someone who's struggling. :) But now you're doing swimmingly, so no more rally. And oh how I wish #2 held true for me! I can't lose a single pound while nursing. Literally. No matter the amount of exercise or perfect eating. I still weigh exactly what I weighed 2 weeks postpartum. :( It was the same with Jane. But within 2 weeks of weaning her I had lost 8 pounds. So I'm hoping for that summer, blah.

Tamra said...

I always tell people #9. Rob is the baby person in our family. Babies can't help but like mom, though, when mom is a milk factory.

Breastfeeding forced me to keep an extra 15 lbs. A lot of women report it's great for weight loss. But with each of my kids, I stopped breastfeeding and lost 15 lbs. in a little over a week.

Molly said...

So many people said to me, "Oh, don't worry about the weight gain. It will melt off when you breastfeed." I always pointed out that that's not the case for everyone. I have 15 pounds to go and I really hope they keep coming off...