Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today Christian started talking about getting a better computer. Bleh. The last thing I want to think about is buying another computer. Our laptop works just fine. Sure, it could use more memory. It's getting old. But it works and that's good enough for me.

So I decided to change the subject and talk about our next vacation. I'd much rather spend money on travel than on a computer. Just think about the amazing vacation we could have gone on with the money we spent on our cars this year. Kind of depressing.

Let's take a look back at our wonderful vacations together.

Mexico for our Honeymoon - June 2004

Hawaii for the Honolulu Marathon - December 2004

Belize with my family - November 2006

Brazil - December 2006

Hawaii for Deirdre and Mike's wedding - July 2008

We obviously won't be going anywhere for a little while, but where should we go next? Fiji? Thailand? Guatemala? Costa Rica? Bora Bora? :) Any recommendations? We'll need to start saving our money now...

Where would you go?


Jared said...

We went to both Belize and Guatemala on our cruise. We thought Belize would be awesome and Guatemala would be kind of lame; boy, were we surprised. Here's what Matt had to say about visiting Guatemala:

"Who knew that Guatemala would stand up on it's hind legs and beat down Belize?"

The reason for this comment? Guatemala was amazing. The rain forests were thicker and greener, the people weren't trying to sell us a bunch of overpriced crap, and we got to see some amazing stuff. I'm not dying to go back to Belize, but I'd go back to Guatemala in a heartbeat.

Chris said...

your vacations history's not too shabby! Me? I like Europe. We still want to visit the Azores soon, and Alaska. I want to return to New England in the fall as far north as PEI, Canada. You two are probably more the warm weather/tropical type?

Julia said...

awesome vacation history for sure! i think europe should be in your cards next. you have such a love for spain and it would be awesome to share that with christian. :)

paris is next on my list.

Carbonneau said...

Spain is next on our list because Chris got to take me to see Venezuela and I want to show Spain off to him as well. BUT I hear Asia is amazing too! So many choices!!

Kerri said...

Guatemala ROCKS!!! And SO much history with Tikal and the would love it! I went in 4th grade and STILL remember Guatelama in SUCH great detail!

Mer said...

What fabulous vacation pictures! I love Europe, but lately I've been wanting to try SE Asia--maybe Vietnam or Thailand? Someday I would love visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It is fun to dream about travel!


LJ and DC said...

mmmm, I guess Guatemala's the sinner. hahaha! I'd rather be in Africa. Shocker. I'm home now (Finally) let's play!!!

Ashley C. said...

Looks like you've only gone to tropical places...maybe you should go somewhere different? Although, tropical always does sound nice! I want to travel more in the US. I feel like there are a ton of amazing places that I tend to skip over.

webster said...

yeah you have been on some pretty awesome vacations, many places i wish to visit someday

Dr. aafb said...

I would do Greece. I've never been but have a couple of friends who have and the stories and pictures are amazing!