Tuesday, October 13, 2009

stormy weather brings zombie

A few days ago our beloved hermit crab, Herbie, bit the dust.

Or at least we thought he did...

I went to check on him in his favorite hiding spot (as we often do since he can sit in one place for weeks at a time), and saw that his body was hanging halfway out of his shell. Legs can hang out, but not body. Their bodies really are quite disgusting. He was dead. I was sad (and a bit grossed out).

I called Christian over and, feeling very guilty, admitted that Herbie must have died from dehydration. The empty water dish made me feel like a very very bad pet parent.

And then to prove that we are indeed horrible pet owners, we let his poor crumbled body sit in the tank for days. Who wants to clean out a dead hermit crab anyway? Like I said--gross.

Then the storm hit. Blustery winds. Rain for hours. True spooky October weather.

I looked over at Herbie's tank this morning and his shell had been moved. "Christian--did you move Herbie's shell?" Negative. Did Richard do it? Hmmmm.

So I carefully picked up the shell. Turned it over slowly. AND THERE WAS HERBIE! Alive and well.

Turns out our dead hermit crab was just molting. In our defense, he never molts above the sand--only when he's completely buried. And this time he was fully exposed. {Um, good thing we didn't throw him away!}

So was he molting? Or did he come back from the dead?

Beware of zombie hermit crabs...

Do zombies get really thirsty? He hasn't left the water dish for an hour.


Julia said...

yay for herbie's safe return to hermit-hood. that's a relief. i am sure this weather is just awesome. :)

Sally Teeple said...

Aww, I'm glad he's ok after all! I used to have some hermit crabs, but they actually did die. (One of them lost a claw before finally giving up the ghost. Poor thing. I was quite traumatized.) Kudos on keeping Herbie alive for as long as you have!

Kerri said...

I hear killing a pet within days of having a new baby is a bad sign...good thing he came back to life. Now just watch out for your plants.