Friday, October 16, 2009


Christian can't wait to have a little boy. Here is proof from Charlie's birthday party:

Oh, and the belly pictures have been updated. I'm 3 days from the 40-week mark. I'm sooo ready for this baby to be out.


Ashley said...

Those pictures are fabulous!!! I might have to steal some. I wanted to post about this part too but my pictures are all of the back of heads or blurry because Christian was spinning around and around! Tyler and I agreed that the Christian time was the best part of Charlie's birthday. Christian is so far out of anyone else's league as the favorite uncle (to all the grandchildren) it's almost scary. I can't wait to see him as a dad. Thanks for being so good to my kids Christian!

Ashley C. said...

He's going to be a good daddy!

Julia said...

he is going to be SUCH an amazing dad. amazing.

and you ... darling, are going to be a fantastic mom. :)

Tyler said...

I just saw these. Ashley's right. Christian is going to be a great dad. All the kids love him.