Wednesday, October 7, 2009

on sleeping and sewing

I love to sleep and am quite good at it, but it's no fun anymore.

Waking up all night long really stinks. For example: Last night I went to bed at midnight. Woke up at 1:30 to go pee. Then 2:30. Then 3:00. Then 4:10. Then 5:20. Then 5:40 (alarm to be sure Richard was up for seminary). I realized I'm not getting up due to a full bladder anymore. I get braxton hicks contractions all night long. They wake me up, which makes me realize my back and ribs hurt, so I get up to go pee mainly to give my body a break from whatever position I was in.

Wake up, roll over, get up, pee, go back to bed on the opposite side. Repeat in a half hour.

When my alarm went off at 6:15, I turned it off only to realized it wasn't my alarm, but a phone call from my friend Kerri! Why would Kerri be calling from Chicago at 6:15am? She must be calling me to tell me she is having her baby! I immediately called back only to realize that I'm the one about to have a baby--Kerri had Alana way back in August. So I quickly hung up a bit embarrassed realizing her kids must have called me by accident. Too late--she saw the missed a call from me and called me right away thinking I must have had my baby!

And that's how I found myself chit-chatting with Kerri at 6:30am. It was wonderful. And now I'm awake. Sleeping sucks. Talking to friends on the phone is way more fun. I'm going to need a nap in about an hour...

Enough complaining. On to more exciting things.

You know what doesn't suck? Having time to sew! We put the bed in the baby's room on risers in order to create more storage, so I made an extra-long bed skirt to hide the junk. Turned out great, especially since I took measurements once, never double checked them, and proceeded to cut and sew until it was finished. I was sure glad it fit.

Then I found some old fabric that Deirdre gave me and decided to cover some of our throw pillows. What I thought was more of a subtle gold turned out to look very bright yellow in comparison to our red and gold couches. Hmmmm. To keep or not to keep. That is the question.

And of course I had to make something for the baby. So I rummaged through the fabric from Deirdre and made a cute little star pillow. I think it turned out great! (Note: I did not make the giraffe.)

Breakfast time? Sounds great to me.

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Dana said...

You are so talented! I want to take a class from you. I love the star pillow!