Sunday, October 11, 2009

no baby yet... but we have pumpkins!

I have 8 days until my "due" date. Which pretty much means I'll be having a baby some time in the next 2 1/2 weeks--guaranteed. That sounds lovely.

On Friday, my wonderful friend Holley spent the day with me while accompanying her husband on a work trip. She was nice enough to go on a big long walk at Rancho San Antonio (I had no idea how much I missed that place) and then help me with the baby's room. Thank you, Holley!! I had a ton of fun! I want to go back to Rancho again today and walk more...

We put together the crib with a little (a LOT) of help from Christian. (Notice the cute quilt? Ashley made it for me!!)

We hung a shelf I had painted orange (thanks for the spray paint, Amy!), a framed picture (that was, in reality, a cute gift bag from my mom that I cut and put in a frame), and a super cute wall hook I found at Cost Plus.

{Helloooooo chipmunk cheeks! Let's hope those go away quickly...}

The room is looking so cute!

After I returned Holley to her hubbie, I finished working on the throw pillows for the bed in the baby's room. I've discovered that pillow covers are the easiest things to make in the whole wide world. Someone warn my husband--we might end up with a million pillows all over our house.

The red pillow is made of dish towels, the teal pillow from a bath towel, and the orange pillow from cloth napkins. What can I say? Cost plus had all the right colors and I couldn't resist. Oh, and the orange pillow shows my first ever attempt at pin tucks. They are actually quite easy.

But enough of that. Let's talk pumpkins! Yesterday we joined Amy, Ivan, and their boys in Half Moon Bay for some pumpkin patch fun! Then we met up with Ashley and Jose for more pumpkin patching, yummy bread from Pescadero, and dinner! It was a long day and my body was TIRED after almost 5 hours of walking around. Despite the long walk on Friday and all the walking on Saturday, this baby hasn't budged. I guess I'll go on a long walk today, too. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! (Sorry I only have one with Ashley--by the time they arrived I had put my camera in the car and my legs were too tired to walk back and get it...)


Chris said...

Thanks for the text alert about this blog. It's been killing me that I couldn't get up to see the room in person. You did a great job. Those pillows were exactly what I had envisioned with the blue quilt. Perfect! and you chose my favorite pumpkin patch photos to add.

Ashley C. said...

I love pumpkins and babies!!! The quilt looks perfect on the crib, if I must say so myself ;)

Mer said...

Fun! Your baby's room is looking so cute. Also, that last photo of the gourds/pumpkin is great!

Jenna said...

The pic of you sitting on the pumpkin is amazing! The crib looks fantastic. Good luck with the delivery! You will do awesome!

Holley Williamson said...

I had so much fun with you! My throat was hurting that night from talking so much :) The room does look way cute, if I do say so myself. Good luck with baby, hopefully soon!!!!