Friday, October 30, 2009


Our room is a mess. I seem to be able to keep the living room clean. And the kitchen is clean. I mean, I have plenty of time. This kid sleeps a ton. But our room is the biggest mess. Clean clothes piled everywhere. It's hard to walk.

It took me a few days to figure out why I couldn't get to cleaning our room. Duh. Graham sleeps in the cradle in our room. He wakes up, I feed him, we burp him, we change him, we ooh and aah at him for a few minutes, we swaddle him, and we put him back down for another nap. Then we repeat. Over and over and over. All day and all night.

So it occurred to me--put him down for a nap in his own room! So today Graham is taking his first snooze in the big boy crib. Do you think he has enough space?

Time to go clean my room...

PS--We still haven't carved our pumpkins. Christian promises me we're doing it today. And we need to come up with Halloween costumes, because we're planning to venture out to our church's "Trunk or Treat" tonight. Graham will be making his debut as a dragon. I could dress up as a frazzled new mother, but I'd rather look nice since I spend all day in pajamas. What should we be?

Post-blog edit: I didn't clean our room. Here's how it went:

Christian: Let's watch 30 Rock.
Molly: No, I need to clean our room.
Christian: Let's clean it after we watch 30 Rock.
Molly: No, I want it clean now. The baby will be awake by the time we're done watching 30 Rock.
Christian: Okay, then I'll clean it on my own later.
Molly: Deal.

And that's how Christian ended up cleaning our room while I took a nap after we watched 30 Rock. I sure worked that deal, didn't I?


Braden and Cheri said...

fred, wilma, and bam bam...easy to do...except bam bam is already a dragon. Oh well, he could be the dragon that is friends with fred and wilma.

Carbonneau said...

ah, the Flinstone's would be cute! but with a dragon you could be Mulan and Christian could be the hot buff leader of her army...can't remember his name...

If I haven't said congrats yet, I am so excited for you and I think Graham is adorable!!! I already miss the newborn stage!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you found something to be in time for the party. That picture of Graham in his 'big boy bed' is awesome. It seems so huge with his little body in it. I'm sorry to say that those cleaning days will NEVER end. Just when you've cleaned up, it's somehow a mess again....for the rest of your life!

Ashley C. said...

He looks tiny in that big crib!!

I absolutely hate cleaning my room! I'll clean the kitchen any day, but the bedroom...I'll put that off til there's a 10 foot pile of clothes in the corner and I can't find anything!

Chris said...

Graham should consider himself lucky to have a choice of 2 beds. He looks so cute in the big bed. We lived in a 2 bedroom townhouse when Ian was born and he slept in the crib in the 2nd bedroom from the day he came home from the hospital. In the middle of the night we had to run downstairs to warm bottles because I had foolishly stopped nursing on the dr. advice.

Linda said...

That picture is awseome. Before you know it he will be taking up so much space in there! You are wise to get such great picures of his tiny-ness.

Linda said...

Crap it's me, Ashley. My mom's signed in again!