Thursday, October 1, 2009

autumn thoughts

1. It's October! I LOVE October! Have I mentioned that before? Happy Birthday to me in 2 weeks! And Happy Birthday to my little baby sometime in the next 3 weeks! I was actually a little worried that if our baby came early he'd be a September baby. Not that that's a problem, but for the last 8 months I've been mentally prepared for an October baby, and since I'm an October baby as well, I was kind of hooked on the idea. So today I can breath a sigh of relief. We made it to October. Phew!

2. We spent this past weekend in Loomis for Quincee's baptism. What a great baptism! She was so excited. (I forgot to take pictures...) And of course we stayed an extra day. Can't resist hanging out at Ian and Kitty's. Kitty and I also had a onesie printing party. Think we printed enough?

3. Oh, and their cat had kittens if anyone is looking for an adorable addition to their family. Really--the kittens are so cute. I would take 2 of them if I could have animals in our apartment.

4. Our room is clean and the cradle is ready for the baby. Isn't it adorable? We won't actually leave it at the foot of the bed (inconvenient and our comforter would slide off the bed and cover the baby--no good), but it looks really cute there for now.

5. Both our cars are in the shop today. We're so used to it. But this time we're trying out new mechanics (yeah--each car is at a different mechanic). Let's hope they are good and that our cars don't need repairs again for a while. Or ever--we've paid our dues. Not counting whatever crazy repairs the mechanics will do today and tomorrow, we have spent over $4,000 in car repairs and maintenance this year alone. That averages out to $400 per month. In other words, we could have been making payments on a new car. Bleh. I hate cars. I can't wait 'til I can ride a bike again.

6. This weekend we're going to the San Benito County Fair! Christian and I went on our first date to those fairgrounds (but for the rodeo--romantic, huh?). I'm excited to see all the animals. The pigs, the cows, the rabbits. I'm even excited for the smell. I just don't want to run into anyone I know. Is it bad that I want to avoid small talk at any cost?

7. I have made it 37 1/2 weeks (over 8 1/2 months) without any strangers touching my belly. (Note: It does not bother me one bit when people I know touch my belly. Touch away, friends. I find my belly fascinating, too.) But it's so weird that people think it's okay to touch strangers' bellies. This morning some lady at the mechanic told me that I had to use Baby Signs and that I had to have my first two within 2 years of each other and that I had to be taking Lamaze classes. I didn't even start the conversation. But I quickly peeled myself away from it. People are so ready to tell me what I have to do with this baby. Strange.

8. I'm posting my weekly belly pictures even though they aren't finished. Christian sent back his ex-work PC and Picassa doesn't work on our mac, so I'm without software to edit the photos and add words.


mj said...

hip hip hooray for october, my birthday twin. (well, just for october...)

love the cradle. love it.

and you know what you HAVE to do with your little one? you HAVE to do whatever YOU feel is right. i've felt things so many times and been swayed by others' opinions, or what i think their opinions have been. and you know what? I'VE been right every single time. not them. poor leah. i'm learning.

i'm so excited for you.

Jared said...

There's a Mac version of Picassa ( There's also a decent web-based photo editor called Picnik ( They aren't replacements for Photoshop, but they do a good job.

Julia said...

YAY for your birthday!! Um, will totally be in town for your birthday ... can we celebrate?! :) Unless you have a baby of course.

You are looking fabulous Molly. Happy October!

Jenna said...

You made it! Can't wait to see the baby! Happy birthday!

LJ and DC said...

Hahaha! I fully had a stranger touch my belly half an hour ago, and last night too! Its a common occurrence for me.

The Carters said...

you forgot to mention that although no one has touched your belly yet, Sutton, your 20 month old niece, shoved her finger as far up what used to be your belly button over and over again! Come back- she misses your BeBo!

Dana said...

that baby shower was so cute! good ideas! Ok, I really want one of the grey kitties so bad. They are so cute.