Thursday, September 3, 2009

today is my friday

Today is Thursday, but it is my Friday. I keep forgetting, but when I remember, it is sweet sweet joy over and over again.

Stanford is forcing us to take more vacation days so the university can keep more $$ in the general fund during this economic downturn (lots of companies in the area are doing the same). The only problem is that I'm one of those people who have no problem using their vacation days. So unlike some of my coworkers who have 400 vacation hours saved up, I have about *ahem* 20. And I could really use those vacation hours during my maternity leave. But instead I'm forced to take an extra vacation day this weekend and use my precious few vacation hours.

However, as much as I'd like to complain about being forced to use my vacation hours at certain times, I'm super excited to have a 4-day weekend.


That also means I only have 10 days left in the office before I go on maternity leave! I'd better get cracking!


madichan said...

Hooray for 4-day weekends! I'm excited because this is basically the only Friday I can take off for the rest of the academic year.

But wait...10 more days?!?! How did your pregnancy go by so fast? Although it probably went by faster for me than for you ;)

Kristin said...

yeah, wait just one second! 10 more days??? this is too soon!!!