Thursday, September 10, 2009

my husband

I've felt very grateful for Christian lately. I don't want to gush so much on here that you start to wonder why your husband isn't always that thoughtful/kind/helpful/considerate. I've found myself doing that before when people post about the great things their spouses have done for them. I have to catch myself. No one is perfect all the time. Not their spouses. Not them. Not me. Not my husband.

But we all have things that make us amazing. And as I often tell Christian--he's perfect for me and that's what matters.

So let me share why I'm grateful for Christian this month. {Sorry--it all revolves around baby stuff, but when you're almost 8 months pregnant, it kind of consumes your life...)

1. Although he wasn't dying to take the childbirth prep classes I was interested in, he has come to all the classes, participated actively, and helped me practice my relaxation outside of class. He has been 100% supportive even though it has meant missing some soccer nights. And he doesn't miss soccer for anything.

2. He drops me off at the train every morning and picks me up every afternoon without ever complaining. Sometimes he drives me all the way to work if I'm running late for the train. No complaints.

3. He searched and searched for the perfect manly diaper bag and is excited about what he found. It's cute.

4. He researched diapers and wipes for our newborn and sent me an email with suggestions.

5. He has never once made me feel any less attractive even though my butt is getting wider by the minute.

6. He's counting down the seconds until our baby comes--I think he's going to pop from the excitement.

7. He gets up to get me whatever I need--pillows, water, the pen that's just out of reach, anything I drop on the floor while I'm sitting down (I can't reach the floor by my feet when I'm sitting...). I just guess all the grunting and groaning I've been doing every time I stand up has paid off.

8. He pushes me up stairs and hills. It's hilarious. I don't necessarily need the help, but it's always funny to have him pushing on my back. Provides instant entertainment for both of us.

8. He's fun. Makes me laugh. He puts up with me when I'm being silly, overly tired, or just plain grumpy.

I like him.


Anonymous said...

I think men not being very excited about those birthing classes is least among Christian and Arthur. We didn't make it to ours though (it was a day class) since Maya came two weeks before the class took place. Good luck with these last few weeks!!!

Julia said...

christian. what a fabulous husband and thanks for the post! i love hearing about the positive things. thanks so much molly.

pics are going up sooooooooooon ...... :)

amandanbo said...

very sweet! he sounds like a keeper :)

LJ and DC said...

He's definitely a keeper. lucky thing huh!

Jessica, Ian and Halle said...

Good man! I often wonder how single women have babies, it really is a two person effort...and if your lucky you get a really good husband/slave! Whatev! :)

Jenni said...

That Christian - he's a good egg.