Friday, September 4, 2009

free friday

What would you do if you had a free Friday? I would...

1. Sleep in.

2. Walk around in my undies because Richard is at school and I can.

3. Eat oreos after breakfast.

4. Paint our crib.

5. Sit around.

6. Go to lunch with a friend from high school.

7. Get some Sprinkles cupcakes. Mmmm. Pumpkin cupcakes...

8. Go visit my new little nephew! Baby Luca was born on Thursday night!

9. Go to the park with my mom, Diego, Ashley, and Jose. (The rest of us stood around being cold while Christian ran around with Diego.)

10. Walk to Chinese food. Mmmmm. (Doesn't Christian look like he's ready for a little boy of his own?)

11. Fall asleep on the couch.

What a wonderful Friday.


LJ and DC said...

So cute! As you can imagine I spent Friday looking at the computer screen thinking, I miss Molly (cause yes I'm your stalker.) :)
PS. I was the very last person in the office. Cause I'm just that good. Or dumb.

Dana said...

We had a free friday together too! It was so great! We went to the Monteray Bay aquarium and Carmel! But now I'm at work, boo hoo.

Ashley said...

1. Luca is adorable!!! I'm so glad you posted a picture.

2. I love that color for your crib. Can't wait to see the finished nursery.

madichan said...

I love that Christian and Diego are wearing the same color tops! Sounds like you had a super productive day - and to think, we have Monday off, too!

Amy Carter said...

Luca made it to the world-wide web before he was even out of the hospital! that's a great pic of him and ivan.
thanks for the cupcakes! they were sooo yummy.
thanks christian for entertaining diego.

Chris said...

I get to relive the day all over again just be reading your blog. You did get some great photos. Thanks for accompaning Diego and I to dinner.

Rach said...

Love it. Love your blog. Love you!
You and Christian are going to be AMAZING parents!