Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the day that got better

Today started off with a bang. Literally. The bang of a bike landing on Christian's forehead. Poor guy. He had literally just gotten out of bed and laid down on the bedroom floor to stretch his back. I decided to be helpful and push on his legs for him, using the nearby bike handle to keep my balance. Turns out the bike wasn't really leaning on the wall, rather perched perfectly straight up and down with some clothes hanging off the handle (in our room, we throw clothes pretty much anywhere except where they are supposed to go). The second I took my hand off the bike, it was no longer perfectly perched and it fell--right on Christian's forehead. His eyes were closed and he didn't even see it coming. Metal and screws to head. Poor guy. It looked so painful. I cried.

But the day got better.

Christian finally got his graduation application back from SJSU this afternoon. All set to graduate in May!! First, it turns out he doesn't need one of the classes he's taking this semester (dropping it ASAP!). Second, he needs 2 semesters of a language to fulfill the language requirement of his international business. We already knew this, and he was planning on taking a Portuguese proficiency test (which still needed to be written since there really isn't much of a Portuguese department at SJSU). Instead, the guy at the language department suggested that Christian just take the Spanish language placement test. It would only take about 15 minutes on the computer and might just allow him to pass the requirement. So right then and there, Christian took the Spanish language placement test---and tested out of 2 years of Spanish!! Language requirement--Check!

So Christian just has to finish this semester and take 2 classes next semester and he is finished! Oh, it feels so good. Much better than being hit in the head by a bike. Sometimes days just get better. I'm sure glad his did.


Ashley C. said...

Only 2 more classes?! I'm so jealous. Congratulations Christian!

Jenni said...

Christian told me all about his graduation situation but didn't mention a word about getting hit in the head with a bicycle. The graduation part must have been much more awesomer!

Christian said...

At that point in my day all I could think about was soccer and the fact that I can see the end of the graduation tunnel.

Anonymous said...

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