Wednesday, September 16, 2009

pure bliss

As of Friday evening I will officially be on maternity leave. 4 weeks of pure bliss. Pure big-belly, overheated, achy-back, baby-kicking-my-sciatic-nerve bliss. Doesn't it sound wonderful? I sure think so.

What I hope to accomplish while on maternity leave:

--exercise every day
--eat healthy
--hang out with friends/family who are home during the day
--print onesies for my own baby
--finish painting and putting together the crib
--finish organizing and decorating baby's room
--pack hospital bag
--practice my childbirth relaxation
--read a good book

What I will likely do on my maternity leave:

--sit on the couch
--eat junk food
--take naps
--complain that it's too hot

Like I said--pure bliss.


Julia said...

good luck molly. :) i hope it goes well for you. do both - eat junk food, eat healthy. sleep, be productive. just enjoy it. cannot wait to see you.

whitney said...

girl... ain't no shame!! if you're ever bored and feel like you actually want to get off the couch :) you should come over and we can make cute onesies together.

Jeni said...

I agree with a little of both! Enjoy your sleep too, hopefully you can still get a good night's sleep in. I remember being irritated that I already couldn't sleep through the night (bathroom breaks) before the baby even came!

The Carters said...

could you add "visit my favorite family in loomis" to the list please? i need to put in my order for some onsies too

LJ and DC said...

And boy does it sound like we'll be complaining about the heat. I may come to the office early next week just for the AC. Record heatwave coming our way! Woohoo!

Amy Carter said...

congrats on no more work! looking forward to your visit (not optional.)

Jenna said...

you are getting so close! You deserve the time off!

Dana said...

Watch lots of movies cause you won't get to for awhile. I love maternity leave! I'm a big fan.

Kristen said...

Sounds like my kind of maternity leave. I wish I could come hang out with you!