Sunday, August 30, 2009

trashy TV

Uh oh. Christian was flipping channels tonight and we came across the first episode of this season's Tool Academy. I had never even heard of the show until an hour ago.

It's ridiculously entertaining. And horrible--in a gut-wrenching way. It's trashy TV. And I think Christian, Richard, and I are fully hooked. Crap.

The guys are ridiculous. The girls obviously have problems of their own (I'd like to smack some of them and tell them to get a life and move on). But then I feel bad for all of them--the guys and the girls. I already have my favorite "tool" who I want to win--he has issues, but seemingly not as bad as the other guys. How did I get sucked in so fast?

And the best part? We actually watched TV together and it wasn't Family Guy or Whale Wars. I am soooo sick of those shows. Bring on the trashy TV.


Erica said...

I am SO glad that Peter and I aren't the only losers who LOVE this show!! LOL! We watched all of last season, and were so excited when we saw that it was on again last night!!!


Ashley C. said...

Oh man...that picture alone is enough to make me sick!! Although, honestly, if I had TV, I'd probably be hooked to something equally embarrassing ;)