Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Christian was laid off a few weeks ago, but we were pretty prepared for it. Only a few weeks before, we had talked about our finances in depth just in case he was laid off. So when the news came, we were surprised, but felt complete calm about it. We were prepared.

Granted, that means he has to find something new, which is much easier said than done. And no, we're not mad at his company in any way (some people have been curious since the company's founder is one of our close friends). But we're just not like that. It's a very small company and we're positive it wasn't easy to do layoffs and salary cuts. That's just the way things go when the economy isn't doing well. It's not personal.

There was (is) a very small chance he would (will) be able to continue his job pending some sales/financial stuff in the company, but it isn't looking very likely. I would be excited if things worked out with his (former) job, but I'd also be excited if we could get rid of that monster of a desk in our living room. I have my priorities straight, as you can see.

The pros: Christian has had plenty of time to get both our cars fixed (not that we wanted to pay for them), clean out the baby's room, work on his clothing business, and do a million little odd jobs we never have time for.

The cons: Christian is likely sick of me taking advantage of his free time and asking him to do the million odd jobs we never have time for. Oh, and the fact that finding a new job is neither easy nor fun.

He plans to work part time until the end of the year since he'll be taking 5 classes in the fall while also becoming a first-time dad. So if you hear of any part-time positions available, give him a call.


Julia said...

i was so sorry to hear he had lost his job. no doubt he will find something fantastic - just a little hiccup, right? prayers and good vibes coming your way.

Ashley said...

I will definitely be on the look-out for good part time jobs. I wish I could afford to hire part-time Manny! (Hmmm--he should look into that . . . .) It's cool that you have your finances under control and you don't have to freak out. I bet this ends up leading to something good in the long run . . . but in the meantime I know it sucks to search for jobs!

jena wise said...

we're in the same boat. I wish I was as positive as you are :)

best of luck to Christian!

right before the twins were born Aaron quit his job because we were moving soon and it was soooooo nice to have him home with me and the babies, so maybe you can enjoy that for a (little) bit too :)