Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am the quick-response IT help around my corner of the office. I'm not being big-headed. I'm just being honest. My coworkers have started asking me what they're going to do when I go out on maternity leave. Honestly--they're just going to walk a little farther down the hall to any other young person who knows stuff about computers. But for now, this is kind of how it goes around here:

You lost the inbox folder in your Eudora (for the tenth time)? Go ask Molly--she can get it to show up again.

You somehow pushed a combination of keys that made the display on your computer monitor flip upside down? Go ask Molly--she can fix it.

Your document isn't printing correctly? Go ask Molly--she can fix it.

When you click on an excel cell it highlights 10 surrounding cells, too? Go ask Molly--she can fix it.

You need to make name badges in a jiffy and can't seem to figure out how? Send it to Molly--she can do it for you.

The steering wheel in your car is locked and you can't seem to unlock it or turn on your car? Ask Molly--she seems to be able to fix your computer, so why not your car? (I'm not making this up--that was the exact conversation and reasoning behind asking me. And yes, I told her how to fix it.)

It's not that I know how to do everything. Most things I do, but otherwise I just do a quick search online and figure it out.

Much to my delight, I just took a look at the list of upcoming technology training classes offered to our staff. One is titled Excel 2007: What? You Don't Know Excel Yet? (Level 1). What a gloriously wonderful title for a class for people who work in an office, at computers, working with excel files on a daily basis.

I'd like them to add the following classes:

"Mail Merge: What? Your job involves sending mass letters out to students and you don't know mail merge yet?"

"Internet: What? You don't know how to look something up on the internet?"

"Staples: What? You don't know that staples are kept in the supply room?"

"Searching old emails: What? You don't know how to find the email I sent you last week and you want me to send it again?"

I could go on and on and on...


madichan said...

ROFL. That is absolutely my life, and I TOTALLY am on board with your class names!

And also, this is pretty much how I operate in a tech support role:

Julia said...

you slay me and i totally relate. something about being "20 something" makes you an IT guru. lame.

i think you maternity leave is much needed to get some IT monkeys off your back!

Ashley said...

I also totally relate . . . to your coworkers! I don't know how people learn those fancy computer tricks. It's a good thing there are people like you and Tyler who can help the rest of us. BTW, I don't have a clue how to use Excel. Tyler has made a rule in our home that he's the only one who can make charts and budgets and stuff bc I make them in Word which disgusts him.

Molly said...

Madika--I laughed so hard at that flow chart! It's so true!

Julia--I do have to admit that it makes me feel needed and smart. :)

Ashley--If you don't work in an office, you don't have to know those things. But if you work in an office, you don't have to know everything, but you have to know how to figure it out. Oh, and I sent a text to Tyler the other day with an Excel question since he's the guru. I found out hours later that I accidentally sent it to Christian--who never responded. Oops.

Kristin said...

i almost peed my pants laughing at this molly! hah!

Ashley C. said...

I's with Ashley! I wish I was the go-to. Instead I'm the go-er :( Ok, I'm not that bad, but I could be better.

hahaha, staples class.

Ashley C. said...

Ha. I'm a dork. I meant I'M with Ashley, not I's. I really did sound like an illiterate office worker :)

Molly said...

I'm glad you's with Ashley. ;)

Kate Office Team said...

Hilarious post, Molly! Thanks so much for sharing! A great resource that you can direct your coworkers to from now on (so you have more time to get your own stuff done!) is the Office Page on Facebook. Your coworkers can get tips, tricks and resources on the Page, and ask their questions on the Wall!

MSFT Office Outreach Team