Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bloggity blog

1. The other week I dared Richard to only spend 2 hours watching TV and/or wasting time on the computer. It was not easy for him to find things to do. In order to help him, I told Christian he should turn the TV off. That didn't go over incredibly well. But what did they end up doing? They washed windows instead! Christian held Richard's legs down while Richard leaned out the window and cleaned. See, guys? When you turn off the TV, you bond with each other! (And the windows get cleaned...)

2. I made some new linoleum block prints especially for Amy's little baby boy (due to arrive any day now). I can't wait to see them on him. But mostly I just can't wait to see him. I hope he comes soon, Amy!

3. I have labor envy. My coworker had her baby two days ago. 2 hours of labor, 3 pushes, and out came baby. And it was her first baby. I am jealous, but I'm mostly just excited for her!

4. This is old news, but I finally uploaded my pictures. Denise had her baby! Alyssa is so adorable. I'm sure she looks completely different than her birth day when we saw her. This is Denise 5 days before she had Alyssa. And this is me with 2 more months to go. Hmmmmm. We're the same size. I guess that makes sense since she was probably 30 pounds smaller than me to begin with.

5. I finally updated the weekly belly pics! It's midnight. I just finished. That's why I hadn't posted in a while. I knew it would take forever. But I have to finish what I started, right? Right!


Julia said...

i can't believe denise had her second! that's fantastic.

love those onesies, ps. they are fab.

nicole said...

cute onesies and belly photos!

Chris said...

You are SO cute Molly! I LOVE the fish stamp and I love your updated belly pics. Obviously I am super jealous of how cute they are and I wish I would have done the same thing. Guess I'll have to have It IS amazing what gets done with the TV off. Chris has picked up READING (20+ books this year when he never even read in high school) and we started running, I might do a tri in November and we are thinking about doing a Ragnar race in Feb! so fun!

Chris said...

btw it's me! Kati, not Chris...oops. :)

Brian and Kristy said...

Molly you make me laugh. I love reading your blog and I love how cute you look pregnant.