Tuesday, August 4, 2009

blogging just to blog

1. Most nights I take a prenatal vitamin. I keep them by my bed. I open the bottle of water, open the vitamins, dump one in my hand, take it with water, and go to bed. The other night I fell asleep on the couch. I was obviously half asleep when I finally moved into my bedroom. Keeping to my normal routine, I opened the bottle of water... and dumped it in my hand. Oops. To save you some trouble, I'd advise against dumping a bottle of water into your hand.

2. I had pop tarts, an apple, ice cream, and cookies for dinner last night. Spread out over like 5 hours, of course. You know, since that somehow makes it okay. Don't tell anyone.

3. We start childbirth classes this week. I'm super excited! This may be a strange comparison, but I'm excited for the birth as if it's a race I signed up for. Bring it on, baby. Bring...it...on. (But not for another 2 1/2 months, please.)

4. Christian has some issues with blood and guts. We're not exactly sure how the whole birth process will go for him. I wish him luck. My friend Madika suggested I test him with the fake body parts and fake blood they use for some of the the medical students' lessons. You know, come around the corner screaming "Christian! I cut my arm and it's about to fall off!" and see if he passes out from the blood or springs into action. I think he would hate me forever. We'll scratch that idea.


madichan said...

I feel like your baby's gonna be like, "Oh, it's already been broughten!" (you only need to see the first 20 seconds).

Aaaanddd, to clarify, I didn't suggest that you tell Christian that your arm's about to fall off. I just suggested a minor cut as a little test :)

Trinity said...

Jeff was the same way about guts and stuff. He stayed up by my head the whole time and was still able to be very supportive.

p.s. I've heard that birthing videos are shown during class. You might want to warn him :)

Bonnie said...

You're right - childbirth is kind of like a race... you prepare and prepare and it's pretty tough, but it sure feels good when it's over! Good luck with your classes!

Kristen said...

Uhhh...I just realized I pretty much copied this post on my blog (with my own thoughts, but still...). I'm embarrassed. Obviously I love your posts and they stay in my brain! :) Do we get a new belly pic soon?

Ella said...

That is SO funny about your water/vitamin moment! I loved that. And yeah, you're well overdue on posting your weekly pics!