Wednesday, July 8, 2009


You call it nesting. I call it finally having a reason to do the organizing I've been trying to do for years.

My brother has always teased me about my cleaning habits. In order to clean up, I first need to make a mess. I need to spread out. I need to organize. So I pulled out all my crafting supplies from all the corners of our apartment and decided to organize them once and for all. Paints with paints. Stamps with stamps. Ribbons with ribbons. It was coming along quite nicely...until I took a break to go get ice cream with Trinity. Now I don't feel like putting anything back away.

Here's the thing with clutter--it's totally unnecessary (not that you didn't already know that). If something has been in a box for a year, do you really need it? Do you remember what's in the back of the closet? Or have you touched the cables in the "cable drawer" anytime recently? I want so badly to throw things out, but then I say to myself, "But what if you need that in the future?" And it's true--what if you want to make a skirt in the future and you remember that spool of lace that sat in the drawer for two years. Oh, but then you threw it out. And now you have to go buy more lace. So you leave the lace in the drawer just in case.

It's a horrible thing.

I'd say I'm pretty good at getting rid of things I don't need. I'm certainly not a pack rat. But I'd like to be better. I'd like to have one of those houses that has open space--empty space--useable space--uncluttered space.

Instead I have a living room floor covered in crafting supplies and I'm typing on my blog.

My room is not cluttered right now. Maybe I'll just go hang out in there.


Julia said...

aw man, i totally know what you are saying. i have pack rat tendencies (if you saw my grandparents house you would DIE!) so i'm pretty sure i've got the gene for it.

but i have the same tendencies as you. i really want (and kinda have) a clean, open space, but there's always that WHAT IF I NEED IT devil on your shoulder. ah, i wish i could kick it, but i think at this point i've found a good balance. who knows.

Kerri said...

I haven't kicked it, yet...but am getting helps that Steve and I tend to sneakily hide things for months and if the other hasn't mentioned it or anything that it's missing, we eventually add it to the "donation" or "trash" pile. Sounds better than it actually is...he DID just get rid of something I would have rather sold than just thrown out...oh well.

I liked the persepective of 1 classmate at BYU--she was soo giving, but she was a single mom of 2, didn't have a job b/c she was a student, but still was giving stuff away...Yet here I was hoarding the lace in my drawer incase I needed it someday for a skirt (figuratively speaking)...So I asked her about it, and she really believed in the Law of Consecration--that something would come around for her when SHE needed it if she gave things away when others needed it, and it was completely working for her. Remarkable, I thought.

Are comments supposed to be this long? Perhaps I should have put this in an email for you...oh well.

Bonnie said...

Oh how cute - you're nesting!! I love it, I was exactly the same way. I had to clean out my craft room/office/junk storage room to create the nursery and I found so much stuff I "needed" that my only solution was to somehow find a bigger house. Jon didn't like that, so I was forced to admit that I probably wouldn't have enough time to do many crafts for a while anyway, and gave a lot away. Truth is, as much as I would love to sew some more, I haven't had time to do a thing in the last month and a half. It was kind of liberating to have fewer potential crafts staring you in the face (or lurking in the closet).