Friday, June 26, 2009

walking and snakes

I love going on lunchtime walks. Today I walked around Lake Lagunita (dry Lake Lagunita). It was warm but there was a breeze and plenty of shade, so it was nice. I saw birds, bees, squirrels, tadpoles, red dragonflies, and this little guy:

(click picture to make it bigger)

I heard a rustle in the twigs a little ways from me and I normally just assume it's a little lizard or bird. But for some reason this time I stopped and looked. I saw a tiny little flicker movement and realized it was the tongue of a snake! I was so excited. It has been years since I've seen a snake in the wild (other than the huge one I ran over in Mexico...). I was expecting it to be a little 8-incher or something, but although this little guy was skinny, he had to be about 2 feet long.

I wanted to pick him up, but I've always been the scaredy-cat of the family. I let my brothers and sisters do the initial snake pick ups and then I was happy to hold them. So I just touched his tail. :) Brave me.

What a great walk!


Julia said...

man, you are brave just to touch its tail!!! and get a picture!!

dry lake lagunita. fo sho.

Jenni said...

Gross. I would've screamed and run away.

nicole said...

um when are you going to take a walk over here?? :) i have wildlife too!