Wednesday, June 17, 2009

new post

My sisters both seem to be very anxious to see Alabama pictures. So I'm making them wait a little bit longer. I had to bring the pictures to work to upload them since it takes so long at home. So while we wait, I thought I'd grace you with a new post so you don't have to look at my "Happy Baby Shower Moly" post anymore.

1. We just paid Christian's tuition for the Fall semester. This is the second-to-last time we have to do that! Go Christian! Only 2 more semesters!

2. Under the threat of losing his car for a few weeks, Richard got his act together and quickly brought his grades back up. He ended up with all A's, B's and only one C! Good job, Richard!

3. It's our 5th anniversary on Thursday! Time goes by quickly, doesn't it? For our anniversary, I am babysitting for the Harmans and Christian is playing soccer. Fun, huh? No worries--we've booked a hotel in San Francisco for Friday and Saturday nights. I can't wait!

4. My back hurts today. I figured sitting in my chair wasn't helping so I went for a walk. Note to self--walking is always nice, but it doesn't really make a backache any better. I just want to go home and lie down.

5. Last night I went and swam laps with Eve! It felt soooo good. Forget running. I have found a new love (that doesn't make me have to pee every 10 minutes and doesn't hurt my hips). So I'll leave you all with a lovely picture. Yeah, you're just jealous you're not as cool as me.


Ashley C. said...

Ha, you probably do still have to pee every 10 minutes...but now you can just go in the pool!!

Kristen said...

Hahaha! Your picture is hysterical. I cool. I have missed your posts so much. I'm very anxious to see your Alabama pictures, too. Happy Anniversary!

Eve said...

please dont pee in the pool :) Let me know when you can go next week!

Amy Carter said...

Thank you!! I still want to see pics, but this will at least tide me over for a while.

madichan said...

Just be careful of your center of gravity in the water; your body will want to turn over faster and further than you might be expecting!