Thursday, June 18, 2009

being productive

I'm being productive at work. No really, I am. So I'm writing a quick blog post. That makes sense, doesn't it?

Our wedding's birthday:
Today is our 5th anniversary! Happy Anniversary, love!! We both admitted to each other last night that we hadn't gotten each other anything, and we were both completely okay with that. I mean, we are spending the weekend in San Francisco and I kind of think that getting a hotel and hanging out for the weekend is better than some last-minute gift, right? I can't wait. So I wasn't expecting to celebrate at all today, but around noon he showed up at my work and surprised me with a plant (yep--he knows I love plants) and took me to lunch! What a great surprise! I love my husband.

Christian is willing our car to die:

Christian drives our Acura. The lovely '93 acura we got from Ian and Kitty. That car is built to last. Despite the fact that it rattles when you drive, the doors don't seal closed which makes for very loud trips, the front bumper isn't completely attached due to a little mishap by Christian, the paint is peeling off, the seats are torn up, and it sometimes has trouble starting, the car just keeps going. I get to drive the Passat, which is luxurious in comparison. Christian, on the other hand, drives (and hates with a passion) the Acura. As he drove me back to my office today he said, "I wish this would just die so we could get a new car." I got a text from him 30 minutes later: "The A/C just stopped working in the Acura." Darn. The A/C in the Acura was the best thing about it--it put the Passat A/C to shame. I think Christian is willing the Acura to die...

My back isn't being very nice:
This is the reason I ended up writing this post. Here I am being productive. In the middle of my productivity, I realized I needed to know to which advisor one of our students is assigned. My advising list is hanging on my cubicle wall just in front of my face. But to get to it I need to reach and stand up halfway. I don't want to. My back hurt from about noon yesterday until about 10am today. It was not fun. I sat on the couch all evening because I couldn't bring myself to actually do anything. I was pretty miserable. After going away for over 3 hours, the back ache just came back and the last thing I want to do is stand up to get that blasted list off my cubicle wall. I know--lazy, lazy. So now that I've procrastinated long enough to write a blog post, I'll tough it out and get the list. Ready. Arrrrrg. Oh look! I didn't even have to stand up! Ha! Got it...


Ashley said...

1. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you married Christian!

2. Sorry about your back, ugh.

3. As soon as Tyler gets his car up and running, Christian can take over Bernice's.

Dana said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys and have fun in the city! I love SF. I want to marry it. I don't think Aaron would be jealous. I'm sorry your back hurts that is nao boa. That also stinks about the A/C in your acura. I sometimes wish my car would die too but then I remember how bad that will suck when it actually does cause we will have to pay payments on a new car.